Setup an open source database software such as PostgreSQL or MySQL on AWS Cloud (AWS RDS)



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Under this solution, an AWS Certified Solutions Architect from the team will help you setup an open source database software like PostgreSQL or MySQL on AWS Cloud. For this we will utilize AWS RDS (AWS Relational Database Service). If needed, we can also install the database software on a custom EC2 instance. However, we recommend RDS as the service makes it easy to take automated backups and automatically applying critical security patches during maintenance windows. We can also help you understand the AWS pricing differences between the two options.


This solution will be focused on helping you spin up a PostgreSQL or MySQL instance on the AWS Cloud. For this you must have an existing AWS account on which you will perform the setup. The database we create will be a fresh set up and not contain any tables. We can do the set up independently without active help or hop on an hour-long call with you to walk you through the process.


Why should I buy this solution? Can I not do this setup myself?

Sure, AWS RDS has good documentation that you can reference to try this setup yourself. We'd be happy if you are able to do it yourself. If you face any roadblocks or if you need help from an experienced AWS Solutions Ar

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