Setup a Strapi (Headless CMS) backend API for your website blog



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Strapi is an Open-Source Headless CMS. At we run our blog with Strapi at Under this solution we will set up a repo for your blog backend and initialize it with a PostgreSQL database so that all the content that you add through the Strapi admin is stored in your database. Pre-Requisites: You must have a hosted PostgreSQL database running and an instance where we can deploy the Strapi blog backend.


This solution is scoped to setting up the Strapi Backend API only and not the blog frontend. For the frontend we offer a different solution. We will setup a code repository for you which contains a Strapi backend blog and integrate it with Postgres, and also host this backend for you on your Unix server if you can grant us access to that. After this is setup you will have access to an API on top of which you can setup a frontend blog.

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