Help with adding HTTPS (SSL Certificate) to your website using Apache

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Under this consultation, we will help you understand how to set up HTTPS (SSL Certificate) for your website running on Apache and help you make configuration changes so that your website is securely served with an SSL certificate.


This consultation can be 1-2 hours and is scoped to helping you understand how to add an SSL certificate https:// support to your website and making the necessary configuration changes to your Apache config file. There are different SSL Certificate authorities, we recommend, LetsEncrypt because it's free and reliable. If you decide to use a paid SSL certificate authority/issuer, then we do not cover the cost of the SSL certification itself, but we can advise you on how to utilize those options on your website as well. We can advise on what Apache configurations you can use to setup your SSL cert and help with recommended configurations such as redirecting non-HTTPS traffic to HTTPS traffic and also provide suggestions on how to renew your SSL cert in the future with just a few easy steps.

If you are using some other server such as Nginx, you can find HTTPS/SSL setup solutions here:

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