Consultation on Cloud Migrations and/or architecting on AWS with Former Amazon Engineer and Certified Solutions Architect

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Are you thinking of utilizing AWS Cloud for any use case whether it is for migrating from your on-premise systems to the cloud or it is for using specific cloud services like Storage (S3/RDS), Compute (EC2), Load balancing (ELB), containers (Kubernetes), building large scale data pipelines (AWS Data Pipelines), streaming data (Kinesis), analytics with columnar databases (Redshift) and reporting (Quicksight) and you are unsure which services you can utilize for your use case or whether they will fit your needs then this consultation may help you. In this consultation, former Amazon Engineer and AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Pranjal will help you answer some of the questions you may have.


This will be a one-hour consultation. Follow-up engagements after the consultation can be discussed.

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