Add social authentication such as Login via Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc to your web application (by TheCodeMesh)



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Social sign-ins enable your users to securely authenticate with multiple applications and websites by authorizing with any social login provider. The goal of this solution is to help you set up authentication so that users will be able to utilize social media login options like Login via Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Gtihub, etc to authenticate to your application. For integrating authentication into your application we will utilize TheCodeMesh APIs.


The scope of this is to set up social sign on, on your website for upto 5 providers which includes Facebook, Google, Twitter, Github, LinkedIn. Social authentication often requires creating “apps” on the respective social platform and defining app configuration such as permissions, and redirect endpoints. This consultation includes creating and setting up such apps for the provider. In some cases the Social Authentication providers (e.g. LinkedIn) may require app approvals which are outside our authority and hence scope, but we will assist to the best of our ability in helping you get such approvals. We will also implement frontend integrations to your app to support social authentication (whether it is a React, Next, VueJS, Next application in TypeScript or Javascript) and will provide assistance to the backend engineer or engineering team at your org to add any other backend integrations that may be required to link user records. Note that for all integrations where TheCodeMesh api is utilized, additional pricing on an API usage basis applies after the first 2000 requests which is only $0.000049 per request. For example: 102,000 authentication API requests just cost $5. You’d only pay for what you use as you scale. More API pricing details can be found here


Why should I pay for this integration support if I’m paying per API use?

This integration solution saves you a ton of time as you do not have to set up and configure social applications across various providers yourself, we do that for you which itself can take take a few hours. Further, Soci

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