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The 5 Benefits of Incorporating Social Listening into your Marketing Strategy


Traditionally Marketing teams have been obsessed with communicating their product message, features, function to it's consumers sometimes without understanding the audience they are communicating with. This leads to wasted effort and low engagement rates. Customer segmentation is one of the approach used to communicate with the right audience but one way communication without a feedback loop does't help marketers understand whether they are sending the right message or if their message was understood by the segment they are trying to communicate with.

Enter "Social Listening". An increasing number of individuals, brands or marketers are realizing the importance of understanding what consumers are talking about their brand on social media.

Scott Cook of Intuit interestingly and rightfully said, “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is — it is what consumers tell each other it is.”.

So to truly understand what a brand means to consumers you have to listen to them. The importance of Social Listening is something that only the best marketers truly understand. Hearing what your consumers have to say about your product or service can help you take your marketing to the next level.

Here are the 5 key advantanges of incorporating Social Listening in your Marketing Strategy:

(1) It helps you understand the gap between what you're communicating vs what the consumer actually perceives.

In a noisy world customers pay less attention to your marketing message and more attention to what their network says as a result be a communication gap may form in your marketing message and what consumers perceive about your brand. Social listening helps you understand that gap and course-correct your Marketing strategy.

(2) It helps you get visibility into customer issues quicker. Imagine you are restaurant chain and customers in a location are publicly expressing their issues with food poisoning on social media with a particular franchise. Wouldn't you like to know about it sooner?

Good listening software will help you learn more about such issues. They will surface relevant social posts to you via your channel of choice (Email, Slack, etc)

(3) It allows you to understand or explore unaddressed needs in the market that will improve your R&D vertical.

Customers sometimes go to social media to request certain features or express their need for something that they are unable to find.

(4) It helps you discover high-intent leads or prospects that are worth engaging with who will likely try or buy your product.

Among plethora of options on the market, customers often seek suggestions or inputs on social media

(5) It helps you understand your broader brand standing and positioning amongst customers and the overall effectiveness of your Marketing and PR strategy.

Let's say you issue a press-release with 5 media posts about your brand. In the modern-age of social media, the most common way for such posts to spread is through users on social media liking and sharing such posts. If you want to measure the outcome of a PR strategy then you want to understand the change in brand mentions or likes/shares of PR posts talking positively about your brand.

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