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No Code, Big Impact - Unlock Supply Chain and Marketing Efficiency at Light-Speed using TrueGradient AI


Creating a production-level data science solution can take anywhere from six months to over a year, depending on the complexity and scope of the problem. To build such a solution, you need a team of experts, including data engineers, data scientists, ML engineers, QA engineers, and analysts. But finding these experts can be difficult in today's job market. That's where comes in.

TrueGradient is an easy-to-use, self-serve, no-code AI platform that can help you build out-of-the-box deep learning solutions for a variety of use cases, including:

  • Supply Chain Management: Within this it can do demand forecasting, pricing and promotions, inventory optimization
  • Marketing Strategy Optimization: Personalization, and advanced targeting using customer propensity to purchase. Next logical action for the customer in their journey and campaign recommendations.

It offers end-to-end production-level solutions, with features like data engineering, data science, on-the-fly dashboard creation, and model monitoring. Plus, it offers state-of-the-art models, such as econometric and deep neural models like transformers.

Whether you're a business user with little data experience or an experienced data scientist, you can use the TrueGradient platform. Simply select the module that best suits your use case, fill out a form providing information about your data and the problem at hand, and trigger the run. Then, sit back and relax while TrueGradient does the rest. Once the run is complete, you can dive deeper into the results using the generated dashboards and statistics. And with the insights layer, you'll be able to make informed business decisions with ease.