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Here are the Businesses Banking with SVB and their Approximate Deposits


SVB bank collapsed last week in the second Largest Bank Failure in U.S. History. As of early last week, here were the companies that were banking with SVB along with their approximate deposits.

CompanyApprox Deposits in USD
Circle$3.3 billion
Roku$487 million
BlockFi$227 million
Roblox$150 million
Ginkgo Bioworks$74 million
iRhythm$55 million
Rocket Lab$38 million
Sangamo Therapeutics$34 million
Lending Club$21 million
Payoneer$20 million

It is unconfirmed how much exposure these companies continue to have.


Federal Reserve Board announced today Mar 12, 2023 that depositors, deposits with SVB will made made whole without bailing out the bank.