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Featuring a Roofing Software CRM - RoofLink


Roofing CRM software for managing sales, estimates, orders, contracts, fulfillment including measurements and billing, built by Roofers for Roofers

Often roofing contractors and managers spend more time organizing, than doing roofing operations due to the limitations of their existing roofing software and the need for spending on and buying several different software services to accomplish different tasks. What if there was a Roofing software that had all the features to manage everything roofing-related in one place? What if the software allowed managing sales leads (understanding target customers with territory mapping and hail storm alerts and reporting), managing customer communications and follow-up, signing contracts, tracking sales performance, managing job completion, coordinating with suppliers, billing, invoicing, supplement, and much more.

We'd like to talk about a software called RoofLink that does all of these and seems to stand out among its competitors. These are the features that make ROOFLINK, one of the best roofing CRM software available in the market and a must-have for Roofing contractors. Heritage Roofing & Construction is a roofing company in Texas, that utilized RoofLink and saw a lot of improvements to their roofing operations. Below we discuss the key features offered in a roofing software or CRM:

Sales Territory Mapping

This feature allows you to track a territory where you expect a high close rate. Mark areas for canvassing on an interactive map displayed within RoofLink, which allows you to drop pins to track where you've already been.

Intelligent, Hail Storm Alerts and Reporting

This enhances a roofing business' preparedness with real-time weather mapping, allowing them to reach the clients who most need roofing services, right when they need them. Often getting access to such clients is a pain point and a solution like RoofLink simplifies this problem.

Centralized Contracts

RoofLink allows you to centralize your contracts; sign client and crew contracts from a phone, tablet or computer, and access them with the tap of a button.

Dial-in estimates

Allows increasing the accuracy of roofing-related estimates with continuously updated pricing models and measuring tools.

Automated Work Orders

This feature allows RoofLink customers to create lightning-fast orders. As a Roofing business, it allows you to quickly send work and materials orders to your crew and suppliers with a few clicks which would otherwise take days and a larger sales-engineering team manually managing these requests.

Aerial Roof Measurements

This feature allows precise roof measurements with the click of a button and allows businesses to collect accurate reports to share with their customers.


RoofLink was crafted by Roofers and Software Engineers with one goal, which is to create a single system capable of managing every aspect of a large roofing company.