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Building Compliant Applications with Low-Code Development and Process Automation - A Guide to Appian's Key Features


Building Compliant Applications with Low-Code Development and Process Automation

Appian is a low-code platform that offers a wide range of features for building enterprise-grade applications quickly and easily. Here are some of the key features offered by Appian.

Low-Code Development

Appian's low-code development environment allows users to build applications visually, without the need for extensive coding knowledge. This makes it easier and faster for non-technical users to build applications, while also allowing developers to work more efficiently.

Process Automation

Appian's process automation capabilities allow businesses to automate workflows, processes, and tasks, improving efficiency and reducing errors. This includes features such as task routing, approvals, notifications, and integration with other systems.

Data Management

Appian allows users to manage and analyze data from various sources, including databases, web services, and social media. This includes data visualization tools, data analytics, and reporting features.

Mobile App Development

Appian includes a range of tools and features for developing mobile apps, allowing businesses to extend their applications to mobile devices.


Appian allows for easy integration with other systems and services, including legacy systems, cloud services, and third-party software. This includes pre-built connectors for popular services like Salesforce, SAP, and SharePoint.


Appian offers enterprise-grade security features, including multi-factor authentication, role-based access control, and data encryption. Appian has undergone an independent audit to verify that its systems meet the SOC 2 and SOC 3 standards for security, availability, and confidentiality. It is SOC 2/3 compliance, provides assurance to customers that the security and data protection practices it has in place, meet industry standards, and that it has appropriate controls in place to protect customer data and ensure system availability.

It is also PCI-DSS, HIPAA compliant, you can read more about it's Compliance & Security (here).


Appian includes tools for collaboration and communication, such as social networking features, chat, and collaboration on documents and projects.


Appian's features are designed to help businesses build and manage compliant enterprise-grade applications quickly and efficiently, with a focus on improving productivity, automation, collaboration, and security.